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Mbed Ransomware is the latest weapon in the arsenal of the most wide-spread & devastating species of data-encrypting virus – the nasty Djvu/STOP Ransomware Clan. Just like its variants, Mbed spreads via spam e-mail campaigns, malvertising & trojanized fake software updates.

Designed with strong financial motives, this pernicious Mbed virus encrypts the data & demands hefty ransom amount in exchange of the decryption tool.

While encrypting the targeted files, Mbed Ransomware appends its malicious .mbed extension to the file names & makes them instantly inaccessible. In addition to that, it drops a ransom-demanding note on the victim’s desktop, which contains instructions for the victims to get their data decrypted.

Contacting the hackers  & paying the ransom is the only possible solution of decryption, the note states.

But, are these claims true? Well, cyber-security analysts from around the world suggest not contacting the hackers. Investigation has shown that most of the victims do not get the promised decryption tool in exchange of ransom amount.

Then, what are the possible ways to remove Mbed Ransomware & decrypt .mbed virus files? How can one prevent Mbed Virus from encrypting the files? Read on to find answer to these questions.

Threat Summary of Mbed Ransomware

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